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Homeschool Grades 4-7

$185Purchase required to enroll

Art can help students embrace their learning and retain information. Students will gain knowledge in cultural diversity, history, social studies, math, language arts, geography &/or science while making art using concepts from class. *Vendor for iLead, Sky Mt, Inspire, Excel, Sage Oak, Valiant Prep

Note: lessons are structured and include some copy work.
Please discuss with studio first before enrolling children with special needs or children outside suggested grade level.
If using charter school funds, please read instructions here: http://www.averyboo.com/homeschool.html

Winter/Spring Schedule, Wednesdays
10am-12pm = multiple subjects + ART (vary; see below for class descriptions)
12pm-1pm = lunch hour (included in full-day pricing, BYO lunch)
1pm-3pm = Traveling Artists (combines art with social studies. See destinations below)

  • $185 single course
  • $350 for full day (2 courses), save $20
    Extra Savings: enroll for 3 consecutive months, full-day; receive $50 account credit after completion.
>>Class Descriptions Below<<

10am-12pm = The Wondrous Brain
Brains! Learn cool facts and draw scientific-style illustrations demonstrating how this awesome organ controls sight, sound, touch & taste.
Subjects: art, science, anatomy
1pm-3pm = Traveling Artist (The Silk Road: Egypt)
Subjects: arts, culture, geography, language arts, & history

10am-12pm = Printmaking 4 Ways
Learn about great artists who used printmaking and create your own pieces using lithography, stenciling, relief, and collagraph.
Subjects: art, art history, manufacturing + lithography will cover some science

1pm-3pm = Traveling Artist (End of the Silk Road: Greece/Rome)
Subjects: arts, culture, geography, & history

10am-12pm = The Renaissance
Learners will study the European "rebirth" of culture, arts, & science that came after the Dark Ages.
Subjects: arts, art history, politics

1pm-3pm = Traveling Artist: The Caribbean
Explore the art & culture of Jamaica, Cuba, & Haiti
Subjects: arts, culture, geography, language arts, social studies

10am-12pm = Beautiful Minerals & Crystals
Subjects: art, science, math

1pm-3pm = Traveling Artist: Alaska
Subjects: arts, culture, geography, language arts, social studies

10am-12pm = Arboreal Animals
We will learn about animals who primarily live in trees while making art.
Subjects: arts, science, biology

1pm-3pm = Traveling Artist: Student Request!
Sunken shipwrecks, lost civilizations, and underwater wonders. We will plan an optional field trip in class.
Subjects: arts, culture, geography, language arts, social studies,

Cancellation policy - Once enrolled, there are no make-ups, class credits or refunds.