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Homeschool Grades 4-7

$185Purchase required to enroll

Art can help students embrace their learning and retain information. Students will gain knowledge in cultural diversity, history, social studies, math, language arts, geography &/or science while making art using concepts from class. *Vendor for iLead, Sky Mt, Inspire, Excel, Sage Oak, Valiant Prep

Note: lessons are structured and include some copy work.
Please discuss with studio first before enrolling children with disabilities or children outside suggested grade level.

FALL Schedule, Wednesdays
10am-12pm = multiple subjects + ART (vary; see below for class descriptions)
12pm-1pm = lunch hour (included in full-day pricing, BYO lunch)
1pm-3pm = Traveling Artists** This year, we travel the ancient land & sea routes of the Silk Road from China to the Roman Empire. (see below)

  • $185 single course
  • $350 for full day, 1-month course (save $20)
  • Pre-enroll for 3 months, full-day ($1050, save $60); receive additional $100 account credit to use later*
    * If student drops at any time, your account credit will be canceled.
>>Class Descriptions Below<<

September 6-27

10am-12pm = Pixel Art
Students will use math facts to create handmade images and artworks at the pixel level without technology! Great screen break for artists who love video gaming.
Subjects: art, math

1pm-3pm = Traveling Artist (Silk Road: China)
Silk was not the only important export from China during the Silk Road era. Learn about China's lasting impacts on culture and history in the West while making art.
Subjects: arts, culture, geography, & history

October 4-25
10am-12pm = Medieval Art & Architecture
The Middle Ages span almost 1000 years! Students will create art inspired by the style of the three main periods of the Middle Ages: Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic.
Subjects: art, architecture, history

1pm-3pm = Traveling Artist (Silk Road: India)
Subjects: arts, culture, geography, & history

November 1-29* No class 11/22
10am-12pm = Woodland Creatures
Draw, paint and learn about the plants & animals of the temperate forest biome.
Subjects: arts, ecology, biology

1pm-3pm = Traveling Artist (Silk Road: Persia/Arabia)
Ancient caravans and marketplaces will be explored during art making.
Subjects: arts, culture, geography, & history

December = winter break

Cancellation policy - Once enrolled, there are no make-ups, class credits or refunds.