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Homeschool K-3

$185Purchase required to enroll

“Ms Natalie has a map, she puts us on a plane and she takes us to a new place every time. I like to try the different foods from the place we went to at the end.” ~ Mila, 1st grade

Averyboo Arts incorporates multiple subjects with ART to help students embrace their learning and retain knowledge. Art provides opportunities for brain development, mastery, self-esteem and creativity.
Vendor for: iLead, Sky Mt, Inspire, Excel, Sage Oak, Valiant Prep
2019-2020 Schedule >> WE'RE BUSY PLANNING FOR FALL.
WE'RE A SMALL (Busy) business, so please check back in July. Please scroll down to see what we did this past school year......

ATTN:: Before You Enroll...
1) You must contact Averyboo Arts before you enroll to ensure there is space for your student.
2) These are structured classes that include time for snack breaks & free art (BYO food).
3) MINIMUM AGE TO ENROLL IS 5.5yrs, strict + able to participate independently for 2 hours.
4) If using charter school funds, please read instructions here: http://www.averyboo.com/homeschool.html
5) For 3rd graders:
If your child is reading & writing without difficulty and can self-regulate, you may enroll in the next level>
Otherwise, please stay in K-3 to best meet your child's needs.

2018-2019 School Year
Traveling Artist
Study cultures of the world while making art! Each month we will "travel" to a new location and learn about what makes it unique and what we may have in common. Subjects: arts, culture, diversity, geography, environment, & history

Winter Spring Schedule:
• December = winter break, no class.
• January = Egypt
• February = Italy
• March = Jamaica
• April = Alaska
• May = Undersea Adventure

** Please note: student receives one custom-made passport to use for all Traveling Artist classes (just like a real passport). If lost, it may be replaced for additional charge.

No upcoming schedule