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Patrick Henry - Beyond the Bell

$175Purchase required to enroll

Beyond The Bell
Drawing • Painting • Mixed Media

Over the course of 10 weeks, students will increase patience and focus as they explore a variety of mediums & techniques. Our award-winning, multistep projects inspire creative expression while developing the skills and unique talents of each individual child. Lessons will include drawing, painting, &/or mixed media and will be custom tailored for the group by age. Students will also be making a canvas painting!

Price includes all quality materials, clean up of big messes, guiding your child where they need to go after class - PLUS $10 goes back to Patrick Henry Foundation!

$175 for 10 weeks = register online below
Have a sibling? Email for custom invoice with 10% off.
Need to split payments? Email for custom invoice info@averyboo.com

Skills Covered (depending on project):
• Drawing techniques
• Painting
• Proportion
• Perspective
• Still life
• Shading & Value
• Color theory
• Composition skills
• Line and patterning
• Art vocabulary
• Cutting & collaging
• Patience, perseverance & focus

- Nurture individual artistic skills.
- Learn proper handling of wet materials (instead of shying away from them).
- Increase patience as we work on multi-step and layered projects over 1-3 weeks
- Develop skills in observation and creative problem solving.
- Increase vocabulary, fine motor and writing skills.
- Draw inspiration from historic and contemporary artists.
- Develop an understanding of the processes and fundamentals of art-making.

- Recommended for children age 6.5 to 9.
- Student should be able to sit independently for 45 minutes and follow instructions.
- To enroll, student must be able to write their own name, draw basic shapes, and use scissors without assistance.

Cancellation policy - Once class has begun, it may not be canceled. No refunds.
- If you have a circumstance that will not allow your child to attend before-school art, we may give you an in-studio credit for future service at Averyboo Arts studio.
- If canceled 3 days before the start of class, you will be issued a refund, MINUS 15%.